Tales of Katrina Told Through La. Museum Exhibit

The room is lit by flashlights, an escape hole chopped in the roof with an ax lying nearby. Steps away, rising floodwaters seep down a levee wall; across the way, a storm diary written in black felt marker on a housing project wall bears testimony to the hellish days after Katrina hit.

Those items and more from the monster hurricane that battered New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, killing more than 1,600 people, are part of a stunning new exhibit opening Oct. 26 at the Louisiana State Museum — “Living with Hurricanes, Katrina & Beyond.” 

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when i interned at the museum this summer i was so pissed i didn’t get to work on this exhibit more. i just saw it for the first time a few days ago, and oh my damn, prepare for the waterworks (no pun intended…) it was a perfect depiction of the progression of the storm and those affected. it did a particularly good job at pointing out what went wrong, why, and how it needs to be fixed. obama needs to check this shit out fo real. i’m so proud of the museum for this exhibit, and glad that the city was filled with a shit ton of tourists for the sugar bowl so they could somewhat begin to understand everything we went through. everyone who lives here in nola/mississippi neeeeeeeds to see this, along with everyone else who isn’t. and it’s only 6 bucks! not like the nazis at noma who charge you 10! two for you LASM, you go LASM. 

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